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 Bid order for "Our NZ customer"




Inside auto auction

Step 1: Send us the details of the car you wish to buy


Step 2: Send us a refundable deposit of NZ$1,000.      


             Become  a member  Now and Start Bidding


Step 3: You search all auctions and find your car and Place Bids.


Step 4: If the bid is successful, we will invoice you the balance.


     Please arrange the T.T (telegraphic transfer).


     If you would like continue buying leave the deposit with us and arrange payment for the         


     total invoice amount.


     Youmay able to bid on the second cars when the payment on the first car is cleared.


Step 5: Arrange shipment. Original documents will be sent by air currier.


Step 6: Pick up your car at your Port of destination with the original documents.

Information described is the bank account below.
Branch Name : SHINOSAKA Branch 
Code : 506
Name of Account Holder  :  PANDAY TRADING Inc.
Account Number : 0112659
Currency  :  NZ$   A$
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
If you are in the " PayPal " payment,Payments plus 4.2% of the total amount of money.


All bank transaction fees must be paid by the Buyer.

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